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kikiticket – buy train tickets online, sapsan, rzd

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kikiticket travel service is designed to help to be in the right place at the right time, and spend a pleasant journey, surrounded by fellow travelers. Revolutionary approach of kikiticket travel service is that we are allowed to see in what areas are going the other members of the community in the selection and purchase of the ticket. At first glance, a simple and obvious functional quality changed the ticket purchase process.

This is the first and largest in runet service for the sale of railway tickets to their community.


Quick and convenient to buy train tickets in your iPhone and iPad, paying by credit card order. Come electronic filing directly in a mobile application.

For planting, you will need only a passport and boarding pass. The paper ticket if you need it, you can print for free directly at the train station in a special terminal without any queue.

Maintain information on all of its trips.

Very simply return ticket acquired earlier. Return ticket is carried out in the "My Tickets" section. To return you must select the card and use the correct option.


When launching the app, you will always see the necessary information about the upcoming trip - in just one click.

Our service has a direct connection to the servers of JSC "Russian Railways", so you save not only money but also time.

A wide range of filters and sort options allow you to minimize the time to search for a suitable ticket.

Registered users can see where they were going the other members of the community. These routes are marked and wagons special label. And inside the car can be found marked occupied by people from the community space.

To purchase tickets no registration required. Register is necessary only if you have the desire to preserve its history, visit and enjoy the functionality of users belonging to the community.

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Developer - Travel finder network "Tesla Systems"

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